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The SEO Must Go On

1 – How To Get Your Band Online

Using The Internet For Bandname Research

When it comes to choosing a name for your band, it makes sense to avoid creating competition for yourself. The Internet is a great research tool, particularly for finding out if and where particular phrases are currently in use…


Why You Need To Get Links To Your Site»

Search engines want the best, most relevant websites to appear on their results pages for any particular query. Trust is important here – the more trust you can establish with search engines, the easier it will be for your site to gain high rankings.

The Blog List – Places To Put Your Content Online»

Here’s a list of some places where you can get yourself a blog and/or post your own content online (in no particular order). If you want to set up a site quickly, these might be an ideal option, as you don’t need any Web design or HTML knowledge to get started here.

Installing A WordPress Blog»

If you’re new to the world of website creation, then the easiest way to get yourself online is with a blog. There are a lot of sites where you can get a blog; I prefer WordPress because it’s free, versatile and there are loads of useful plugins available for it.